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Deena Zimmerman, Commercial Broker

Deena Zimmerman Improves Efficiency and Impresses Clients with RPR Commercial Overview


Deena Zimmerman is a Commercial Broker in the Chicago area. With a specialty in tenant representation, Deena loves working with people. She has local, regional and national clients that rely on her for not only her expert opinion, but her ability to find them just the perfect location for their business.

The Challenge

Just as with finding a client their dream home, finding a business owner just the right location takes knowledge, patience and most of all, accurate information. Deena was a beta tester for RPR Commercial because she looked forward to having a tool just for REALTORS® that would allow her to easily validate the information she was giving her clients. Most recently, Deena was helping a business owner who wanted to open a medi-spa in the Chicago area. He was looking for an area that had a very specific female demographic and age group. This was key to opening a successful business for him. Not being from the local area, he had already consulted with a 3rd party to get demographic information, but was not satisfied. Not to mention, he already spent weeks waiting for results from the 3rd party. Enter Deena. Excited to work with another new client, Deena began her research in RPR Commercial. She quickly did a search in the Chicago area, focusing in on the female age group and demographic that would ensure the medi-spa’s success. Knowing her client had already received information elsewhere, and was not easily satisfied, she knew she had her work cut out for her. Fortunately, RPR Commercial’s Trade Area Report allowed Deena to confirm her knowledge with facts and figures.

The Result

Deena was able to pinpoint one neighborhood that would be a ‘slam dunk’ for her client rather quickly. She provided him with the detailed report from RPR to confirm the advice she was giving him. She then found out that her client had already spent thousands of dollars to receive the same information from a 3rd party. He told her, “I wish I had met you sooner. You would have saved me thousands of dollars.” He has since referred her to fellow business owners. Whether clients are opening their first or fifth business, Deena gets excited each time. “The look they get the day they sign the lease, or have their grand opening, and the fact that I got to be a part of that is the most incredible feeling ever,” she says.


  • Award winning broker in the Chicago area since 2004
  • Member of the NAR Finance Committee
  • 2010-2011 President of Chicago chaper of Women’s Council of REALTORS®
  • Recipient of the 2012 National Association of REALTORS® National Commercial Award
  • Received the 2012 REALTOR® Achievement award by the Chicago Association of REALTORS®, of which she is also a member of their Board of Directors


If anything, RPR Commercial confirms the advice that I give my clients. It’s backup data – something they can touch and feel. ”


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