Appraiser claims RPR provides the timely data his industry needs

Frank Gregoire
St Petersburg, Florida

Involved From the Beginning

Frank Gregoire, a 2nd generation Broker, Real Esate Appraiser and 2nd generation REALTOR joined the RPR Appraiser Task Force from the beginning. Through his involvement in the industry and with RPR, he knew the new tools for appraisers being built would change the landscape on how appraisals could be conducted. Real Estate Appraisers are interested in providing accurate, incredible valuations, but in order to do so, they need up-to-date information.

Timing is Everything

Frank explains that when Appraisers subsribe to 3rd party data, there is often a lagtime between the closing and the information they need becoming available. “With RPR, Appraisers in dynamic markets will get timely data,” says Frank. In addition to timely data, the analytics available in RPR are extremely valuable to Appraisers. The best part, according to Frank is that, “RPR is not a static product. It’s always evolving.”

Frank Gregoire

RPR is not a static product. It’s always evolving.

Frank GregoireAppraiser


  • President, Gregoire & Gregoire, Inc.
  • Licensed since 1976
  • 2011 Chairman of NAR’s Appraisal Committe
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