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Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS®

GNIAR partnered with RPR to bring efficiencies and value to their members.

Peter Novak, the Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS® (GNIAR), and Ken Barksdale, the Director of MLS & Information Systems, are always looking to provide their members with the tools that will set them apart from the competition. Like most Associations, GNIAR looks for cost effective ways to provide value to their members in a way that helps members be successful.

The Challenge

In years past, public records weren’t available through the GNIAR MLS system. In fact, GNIAR members had to really work to find the data they were looking for. From searching various websites, to physically tracking down data, members spent numerous hours finding what they were looking for. Wanting to bring value and create efficiencies for their members, GNIAR partnered with RPR, giving their members access to public records data that, before RPR, could not be offered without additional cost to the members and Association. “The inclusion of RPR and having access to public records data improves not only the depth of the information that REALTORS® have access to, but also the depth of the reports that can be provided back.”

But providing the RPR platform was just the first step. With any new service offered, the greatest challenge usually lies in the adoption and usage of the tool. Knowing that the information and reporting offered in RPR would make members’ lives easier, while saving money, Ken & Pete took a proactive stance on promoting the platform. From sending RPR announcements in their Association newsletters, to integrating it on their website, having RPR come out to annual meetings and trade shows, offering free seminars and trainings, and promoting RPR’s launch through social media, GNIAR has been consistent and constant in their promotion of RPR. “It’s our responsibility as leaders of our Association to make sure our members are aware of RPR and understand what it does.”

The Result

Keeping RPR in front of their members has helped Ken & Pete make GNIAR stand above the competition, by providing their members with additional value at no additional cost. By having access to in-depth reporting, public records data, school data, neighborhood information, and more, both the Association and REALTORS® of GNIAR are finding that the RPR platform is one of the most resourceful tools they have. “Overall from a usage standpoint, I think that our members see the great worth that RPR brings not only to our MLS platform but also to their day to day businesses.” “RPR is going forward. Why wouldn’t we embrace it?”


  • Greater Northwest Indiana Association of REALTORS®
  • GNIAR represents nearly 2,500 members in more than 500 offices in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties
  • Members are also part of the Indiana Association of REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®


"If you’re passionate about real estate, if you do this for a living, and you’re not taking advantage of RPR, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage." –PETER NOVAK

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