RPR’s valuation confidence score helps REALTORS® get $30,000 more for seller

James and Penny Brockway
Houston, Texas

Since opening Brockway Realty in 2004, James Brockway has not only created a successful business, his passion for real estate is so infectious, that his wife, Penny, became a REALTOR® and is now their top selling agent.

Working together, the Brockways specialize in the Houston, Texas area where Penny prides herself on finding buyers their dream home, and staging listings for their sellers, while James specializes in the contractual and financial side of the transaction. “We are the perfect husband and wife team,” says James.

The Challenge

A recent client of Penny’s wanted the Brockway team to list her home for a quick sale, hoping to break even at a listing price of only $6,000 more than she paid for it just a few years earlier. After researching the property and generating comps using RPR®, Penny realized she could list the property for as much as $227,000, far more than the $189,000 the client was looking for. The client, however, felt differently.

“Our client thought the price was ‘way, way too high,” said Penny. James thought $200,000 would be a better place to start. Penny knew both of these prices were low and set out to prove it.

The Outcome

Penny immediately returned to RPR to create a report showing her client why she felt strongly that they could list the property for $227,000 and still have a quick sale. Starting with one of her favorite features of RPR, the RVM Confidence score, Penny began to put together concrete data. “With 5 stars of confidence, I feel like I can go towards the higher range,” Penny said.

After showing both James and their client the data she found on RPR, they decided to list the property at $220,000, over $30,000 more than their client had asked for.

Within eight days, they received a full price offer on the property. In fact, they continued to receive offers that were over list price! “RPR has changed our business because it has given us more credibility. It has so many features you can use,” says James. For Penny, it’s simple: RPR is “my secret weapon.”

James & Penny Brockway

“Our client was thrilled we got her such a high offer on her home. But, the reason we were able to do that, was because of RPR®.”

James & Penny BrockwayREALTOR®


  • Owners of Brockway Realty since 2004
  • Specialize in the Houston/Clear Lake, TX areas
  • Licensed for over 20 years, James is also a broker and CPA
  • Penny has been a REALTOR® for over 4 years