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Joanne Taranto
Weston, Massachusetts

Joanne Taranto, a REALTOR® with Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty, Weston, Massachusetts, is a strong supporter of RPR as a tool for building a real estate business. She is also a 2011 member of NAR’s “30 Under 30”class—a designation celebrating rising young stars in the real estate industry.

Among her many favorite features of RPR, Joanne singles out how RPR helps her to capture and connect with leads. “I’ll get cold leads that come through my website,” said Joanne. “They usually come in about a specific property so I’m able to quickly jump into RPR to create a report about the property and immediately email it to the prospective client.”

This little step has yielded great results for Joanne, one in which she intends to continue for the long term.

Joanne Taranto

“I use RPR® in my business because it’s a great resource for me and my relocation clients. Helping them learn about a new area, the neighborhoods and schools can be a very data driven, time intensive process. With RPR® I can quickly and easily build a comprehensive package for each client, on the different areas they’re interested in.”

Joanne TarantoREALTOR®


  • Joanne Taranto, REALTOR®
  • 2011 – Recognized by REALTOR® Magazine 30 under 30
  • REALTOR® since 2004
  • Luxury Real Estate Specialist
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Mobile app delivers on-the-go access for on-the-run agent
Capturing and converting online leads is easy with RPR Mobile's™ Mini Property Report.
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RPR®’s valuation confidence score helps REALTORS® get $30,000 more for seller.
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RPR Mobile™ gives new REALTOR® confidence to know she’ll always have an answer.
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RPR® reports impress tech savvy residential and commercial clients.
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Location worth little without a full report for military families.
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New home specialist exceeds expectations when generating accurate comps.
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Realtors use RPR Dashboard to educate homeowners on legislative issues.
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Demographic and consumer behavior reports help legislators protect property rights.
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GNIAR partnered with RPR to bring efficiencies and value to their members.
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Pinpointing best location among multiple states just another unique RPR niche.
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Distressed property valuation wins bank's favor for REALTOR'S® short sale offer.
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Data helps newer agents become local market experts earlier than expected.
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Reports identify more than location when developing a marketing strategy.
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Neighborhood reports satisfy concerns of buyers ... and their parents.
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Banks agree: no matter the market, RPR valuations spot on.
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REALTOR® transforms thinking: Talent without knowledge only scratches the real estate surface
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Leveraging RPR data in a rural, commercial marketplace sets this REALTOR® apart
Craig Owen, Broker/Owner
By integrating RPR® into his brokerage, Craig Owen gives his agents a set of tools they’ve never had before.
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Mapping tool highlights every possible scenario for client's preferred school district