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John Connolly REALTOR®

John Connolly takes his business to the next level with RPR.

John Connolly knows what it takes to be a great REALTOR®: being on the cutting edge of technology in an ever-changing business, really listening to the needs of customers, and utilizing the best resources available. As Vice President of SUCCESS! Real Estate, John has had to not only use the knowledge of what it takes to be a great REALTOR® in his own business, but also to build a team of other great agents. Realtors Property Resource has become the tool that elevates John and his team to the next level.

The Challenge

One of the greatest challenges a REALTOR® faces when working with a buyer is to find the perfect home in a desirable school district. With so many variables to factor – private vs. public school, distance from work, community and neighborhood - helping a client find the ideal home for them can be a very time consuming and labor intensive task.

John has found RPR to be the best source for not only finding this information, but digging down to the finest of details his buyers need. He recently had a buyer that wanted to put his child in a specific private school, but also required that the new house be within a 10 minute drive of this school. John put the address in to RPR, mapped out a 10 minute drive time, and quickly calculated exactly how far out in mileage a 10 minute drive was, which then gave him the name of ideal streets for the buyer to live on. He pinpointed the neighborhood, previous sales, and even current sales all within seconds.

This type of functionality and ease-of-use extends itself to specifying school districts with different disabilities, identifying school ratings, and even school reviews. RPR puts it all in one place, so John can always be on top of his buyers’ wants and needs.

The Result

“RPR is a game changer in this industry! RPR linked up to my MLS is probably what GPS is to your cell phone. It’s a powerful tool.” John Connolly has added a powerful asset to his business with the use RPR. He has even been able to use the success he’s found with RPR to recruit agents into his office. With trainings specific to RPR every 6 to 8 weeks in his office, it’s clear that John and SUCCESS! Real Estate are leading the pack in what it is to be a great REALTOR® and know the best tools for your business.


  • Vice President at SUCCESS! Real Estate
  • Specialties: Investment Properties
  • Braintree, MA - Serves Greater Boston area


"A good agent will become a great agent by being an educated agent and you do that be getting into RPR.”


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