Tech savvy clients challenge REALTORS® to work smarter with residential and commercial reporting tools

Kyle Else
Palo Alto, CA

At the heart of Silicon Valley, an area saturated with some of the world’s largest tech companies, stands Kyle Else, a REALTOR® in Palo Alto, California. Dedicated to meeting the needs of his sophisticated, analytically oriented tech clients, Kyle works diligently to equip his residential and commercial clients with all of the information they need to make informed decisions.

The Challenge

From savvy, start-up entrepreneurs to Facebook and Google executives, Kyle’s clients are comfortable finding their own answers to real estate related questions, especially considering the variety of online sources available to today’s consumer. With so much information on the Internet, it’s essential to find accurate data that goes beyond the basics, especially for those clients that are highly analytical.

The Outcome

Kyle creates market visualizations for clients using RPR’s® charts, maps, school information, economic outlook reports, demographic and psychographic analyses, and more—just the type of data his clients are looking for. He summarizes the data and sends it via email with a linked, customized report highlighting the dynamics of the property and local market.

According to Kyle, RPR’s commercial platform fulfills the needs of both residential and commercial clients. “When a city is saturated with innovators and entrepreneurs, your clientele can be looking to buy both a home and set up a business nearby,” he said. “Many local businesses are also local citizens of the area and having the ability to provide a commercial report with demographics on nearby customers is truly valuable,” said Kyle.

Kyle Else

“RPR Reports have been valuable to grow and expand my business and build a trusting relationship with my clients.”



  • REALTOR® since 2012
  • Title Company experience
  • Works with both residential and commercial clients