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Lou Lollio, REALTOR®

Lou Lollio zeroes in on high-end real estate neighborhoods with RPR

Lou Lollio began his career over 20 years ago in shorts and Hawaiian shirts, walking on the beaches of Malibu. Realizing many of the biggest sales lied with the commercial industry, Lollio suited up and headed to upscale Beverly Hills. It was here that he found his expertise and interest in income producing properties, which include multifamily homes, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial spaces, office buildings and the hospitality sector.


As a commercial practitioner, Lou has had to use a multitude of websites for the data he needs. For a fast-paced business, this amount of research takes both a lot time and money - especially when none of the tools are able to provide specifically what he needs.

Recently, while working on selling a warehouse property, Lou needed neighborhood data drilled down to a very focused area surrounding the property. “I went to several different resources and could not find what I was looking for. RPR zeroed right in on the area and had flags of every particular property and all the data and information for each individual property. I was sold completely on RPR.”


RPR has began to increase Lou’s business by providing a tool that helps him do business in a focused area. Lou speaks of the mapping program as his favorite feature of RPR, “It allows me to map out office buildings, industrial buildings, and apartment buildings where I can focus in and see everything right in that 4, 10, or 12 block cluster.”

RPR has been able to provide a one-stop-shop for the historical and neighborhood data in the focused areas that Lou needs. With a fast paced business in a competitive and highly priced market, RPR is the tool he uses to get all the information he needs quickly and accurately.

To other commercial practitioners, Lou says “You should be using RPR. The research and data is incredible to our business.”


  • REALTOR®, specializing in Commercial properties
  • Designated Broker Keller Williams Realty, Westside/Los Angeles
  • CEO, Coastal Commercial Partners
  • 2013 Global Committee Chairman at the Beverly Hills Greater Los Angeles Association of REALTORS®
  • California Association of REALTORS® Board of Director member


Instant access to a tool as powerful as RPR is almost a requirement today as buyers and sellers continue to expect information instantaneously.”


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