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Pat Shupe, REALTOR®

Relying on RPR® to help her price foreclosures, Patricia Shupe now considers other valuation websites to be simply video games.


Patricia Shupe has been a REALTOR® in the Denver area for over 13 years. With over 11 years experience with REO’s, Patricia has worked with not only consumers, but many banks and mortgage companies as well. She prides herself on providing all her clients, whether they are banks or consumers, with all the information they need to make a sound decision on pricing. Her local market expertise speaks for itself, as a 3rd generation native of Denver. She is known for her knowledge and professionalism.

The Challenge

Recently Patricia was working on a foreclosure for a bank in a very nice area of Denver. Upon starting her research, Patricia quickly found that comparables were going to be very hard to find for the multi-million dollar property she was working with. The information was sparse, when trying to find properties sold within the last 6 months.

She needed data to validate her price, especially when working with the bank on this particular property. She ran her comps like she has done many, many times and just before she finished her valuation, she remembered Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®).

The Result

Patricia then logged into RPR and ran a detailed search for comparable properties. After looking at the results, she felt confident. “RPR validated my numbers. I felt very comfortable that my numbers were very solid and that was proven without a doubt because the bank went with my valuation number,” says Patricia. She goes on to say, “RPR is invaluable. I trust it. It’s well researched. The analytics are absolutely amazing.”

Like many RPR users, Patricia has her favorite feature of RPR. For her, showing the distressed properties to clients that are trying to sell their homes in the marketplace, as well as to her bank clients,is a feature she can’t live without. Showing distressed properties in a particular neighborhood and how those properties affect the price of a property she and her clients are trying to bring on the market is vital to her success. “Both sides are well served with RPR, by showing distressed properties on the map,” Patricia notes.

“I consider other market and home valuation websites to be video games in comparison to RPR. It is in tune. The numbers are right there for me, and I trust it with my professional life.”


  • REALTOR® for over 13 years
  • 3rd generation native of Denver
  • 11 years of REO experience


"RPR is in tune. The numbers are right there for me, and I trust it with my professional life.”


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