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Ryan Bokros, REALTOR®

Ryan Bokros not only uses RPR® in his business, but teaches new agents how to quickly become competitive in the marketplace using RPR®

Ryan Bokros is the Director of Development and Training at RE/MAX Northwest in Spring, Texas. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, Ryan practices real estate, but he also heavily focuses on developing the agents in his office, helping them to become better at what they do.

The Challenge

Oftentimes, newer agents have a more difficult time learning about the local areas and the challenges in their local marketplace, especially market trends and neighborhood information. Traditionally, these agents would have to spend hours searching numerous portals for the knowledge, and years mastering the ‘in’s and out’s’ of the neighborhoods to be competitive with tenured agents. When competition is at its peak, these new agents need a comprehensive resource that allows them to quickly get up to speed, without costing too much money.

The Result

By using RPR in his classes, Ryan gives his agents access to data that may take years of experience to gain. His favorite feature of RPR is the availability of data. “You would have to run numerous reports elsewhere in order to attain the same about of data one report will give you in RPR.” Showing his agents how instead of visiting numerous repositories, they can use RPR to gather all the data they need has helped them become more successful.

And it’s no surprise that Ryan uses RPR with his own clients. From time and cost savings, to the amount of data he can provide with one report, makes RPR his ‘go to’ resource. Ryan’s clients typically want numbers and statistics to back up a purchase or sales price on a home. “I’ve been able to attain listings competitively going up against other agents who really weren’t using RPR. The data I was able to pull was really pertinent to the seller of the home.” For Ryan, “It’s all about the data.”


  • Director of Development and Training
  • 12 years in the industry, including years as a Mortgage Banker, Mortgage Broker
  • Technology Chair for local and statewide real estate organizations
  • Renowned speaker who teaches agents how to use technology and social media to increase their business


"You would have to run numerous reports elsewhere in order to attain the same amount of data one report will give you in RPR.”


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