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Syd Machat Commercial REALTOR®

Syd Machat Leverages RPR data in a Rural, Commercial Marketplace


According to Syd Machat, one rule in commercial real estate is: “Know what you don’t know.” You must be prepared with answers. In a challenging marketplace, Syd says that being successful requires some educational background, especially in a smaller, rural area. With over 40 years in the industry, Syd has adapted his business to ensure he has all the relevant information his clients require. In fact, Syd says he learns something new every day.

The Challenge

Syd started his real estate career in Washington, DC. But with an appetite for country living, Syd decided to move to a small town in Maryland. Little by little, Syd moved into commercial real estate, where he is now focused.

Working in the commercial sector poses its own challenges. Combine that with doing commercial business in a rural area and you can have entirely different challenges. “In a rural area, it’s really hard to get data in a time where there are fewer sales and values are hard to ascertain,” says Syd. From a lack of comparable properties, to inaccurate tax information, to old maps, finding the information you need in a small, rural area can be difficult.

The Result

Syd became a beta tester for RPR Commercial. Right away, Syd was blown away by the aerial maps and the levels at which he could zoom in. “I immediately get a fix on a property and its location by basically adjusting the areas to show just what I want.” He can now add map overlays, providing his clients with more data than they’ve ever had before. From property boundaries, to consumer segmentation, to even flood zones, RPR provides Syd a “one-stop-shop snapshot of where the listing is headed.”

“What I have, is an extra tool in my briefcase when I go talk with a Buyer or Seller,” Syd states. Whether presenting clients with a hard copy or a report, or emailing them with a PDF, Syd wants all REALTORS to know that with a little planning, and all the data, RPR helps him ‘know what he doesn’t know’.


  • REALTOR® for 40 years
  • Former chairman of the Maryland Real Estate Commission
  • President of the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials in 2008
  • Has CRE, ALC and CCIM accreditations
  • Has an MBA in real estate from American University in Washington, DC


"In a rural area, it’s really hard to get data in a time where there are fewer sales and values are hard to ascertain. RPR helps me by allowing me to drill down as far as I want.”


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