Long Island BOR Teaches Members to Find, Interpret & Present Data

Associations and MLSs across the nation each prescribe to their own set of guiding principles when it comes to helping members succeed in the real estate space. From advocacy and networking to training and communications, each has its own unique formula for what works.

For Long Island Board of REALTORS® (LIBOR), teaching members how to find, interpret and present data using RPR is an integral part of their member engagement initiatives.

“RPR offers data and analytics our members can’t access through any other singular site,” says Tessa Hultz, LIBOR’S CEO. “So it’s natural for us to want to teach our members how to use it.”

Tessa attributes the real estate data platform’s extensive array of data, tools and reports as the reason for its surging popularity among the association’s members. “RPR is at the beginning, middle and end of every transaction,” she notes. “From searching for properties and comps, to preparing for listing presentations and running commercial investment analyses, it’s all there.”

LIBOR has built a solid training program around RPR, which includes a long list of educational resources for its members. Beth O’Connor, a 35-year veteran of the industry and LIBOR’s technology trainer, said the Association-owned MLS recorded more than 14,000 education/webinar registrations in 2019 with approximately one-third of those dedicated to technical topics, such as how to use RPR.

Beth offers a boots-on-the-ground perspective of the value her members glean from RPR. “We love moving agents into the CMA right away. It leads to the Seller’s Report which is by far the most comprehensive, aesthetically pleasing report available anywhere. Our members are blown away.”

LIBOR/RPR Training at a Glance

The team’s efforts to bring world-class resources to its members is impressive. The Association, one of the nation’s largest, serves 28,000 REALTORS® who cover nearly 1,400 square miles of land, that is Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk, and skirts around Brooklyn. Its footprint is similar to associations in Miami and Houston.

When asked why RPR resonates so well among her membership, Tessa replied, “They’re New Yorkers. They’re independent, engaged, and on the move. And RPR goes right along with them.”

Editor’s Note: Learn more about how to leverage RPR to convey value and build engagement within your membership. Contact your RPR Industry Relations Representative.

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