3 Tips for Standing Out at Your Next Open House

When it comes to holding an open house, many REALTORS® prepare by ensuring the home is staged effectively. Many will bake chocolate chip cookies in the oven or even light a candle for that ‘homey’ scent. While all of this does help welcome prospective buyers into the home, there are other ways you can stand out and ensure that these buyers remember you, just as much as they remember the home itself. Here are a few ways RPR can help you do that.

1.) Mini Property Report

A shorter version of RPR’s Property Report, the Mini Property Report gives buyers the information they are looking for: photos, property details like beds, baths, square feet, etc., tax assessment information and neighborhood facts. This gives prospective buyers that are excited about the home something to take with them. And because it’s branded with your photo and contact information, they’ll know who to call to schedule another showing, or even make an offer!

What to take it one step further? Here’s a secret we heard from a successful REALTOR®: print a few copies of the report, but just display one of them. Why? Because only displaying one report allows you to begin instantly building a relationship with these prospective clients via RPR Mobile. More on that in a moment…

2.) Neighborhood Report

Not everyone who comes to the Open House will be interested in purchasing the home itself. Perhaps it’s too big, too small, lacks the pool they are looking for, or needs updating. However, these prospective buyers may absolutely love the neighborhood. To show them you’re the neighborhood expert, you have an RPR Neighborhood Report on hand to give them. Full of data like the average sales price, number of households with children, how many people own vs. rent in the neighborhood, etc., an RPR Neighborhood Report gives buyers the confidence to know this neighborhood is just what they are looking for. Again, because the report is branded with your information, they’ll be reminded who to call when they want to see other homes in the area.

3.) RPR Mobile™

One of the greatest tools you have at your fingertips during an Open House is RPR Mobile. Sure, you can use it to pull up additional property facts about the home, look for other properties in the area and even show school district information. But one of the most powerful ways to use RPR Mobile at an Open House, is to immediately begin communicating with prospective clients. Remember when we suggested you just display one report at the Open House? Here’s why: Whether you created your Mini Property and Neighborhood Reports on your desktop or phone, these reports are accessible on RPR Mobile. This allows you to get the contact information for these prospective clients, and immediately build a relationship by sending them an email or text with a link to download the report! You can start lasting dialog right then and there. They’ll be impressed that you are knowledgeable and efficient, and you’ll love how easy it is to begin working with a new client.

So the next time you’re hosting an Open House, be sure to bring your RPR Reports and RPR Mobile along with your delicious treats. We’re sure you’ll leave with more than an empty tray of cookies. In fact, we bet you’ll leave with some new clients.

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    • Adam Wallace
      Adam Wallace says:

      If you are a Keller Williams Agent you could use the mobile Keller Williams app to do the same things and it is branded to your brokerage and your name. Keller Williams is a Technology based company and also is the number 1 training company in all corporations.


    I use this awesome product all the time. I used it recently to show a potential buyer the potential for equity growth given the last 5 years of history. I used it as well during open houses and when emailing investors looking to purchase homes to fix and flip. @joserebroker

  2. Tanya Medina - Realtor
    Tanya Medina - Realtor says:

    I find the reports extremely useful. On the spot mini reports have given me a huge advantage with potential buyers and the neighbors that come by to the Open House. By using RPR, I’ve picked up new buyers. Going to certainly use mobile RPR on my next farming campaign.

  3. Ivan Ronskonski
    Ivan Ronskonski says:

    Or use your MLS data to compute values based on accurate comps instead of RPR’s limited and inaccurate data.

    • Reggie Nicolay
      Reggie Nicolay says:

      Hello Ivan – If you have come across data that you feel is inaccurate, please open a ticket with us so we can research and resolve. One easy way to report the issue is using the “Live Chat” link in the footer of the website.


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