Likes to Leads, How to Leverage Facebook Ads for Lead Capture

During this COVID-19/Coronavirus crisis, potential clients may be on Facebook more than ever. As the world’s most popular sharing medium, the social media giant reaches all ages, genders, and lifestyles. Which makes Facebook ideal for streamlining your marketing funnel and reaching consumers.

Watch this webinar as RPR’s Vice President of Marketing, Reggie Nicolay, discusses how Facebook Lead Forms differ from traditional lead capture systems. The webinar will follow a simple step-by-step plan for building and deploying Facebook Lead Ads using RPR reports and a custom audience of your choice.

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    1. Charles McShan
      Charles McShan says:

      I really appreciate your Webinar entitled “From likes to leads”. I am ready to put those thoughts into action. Here is the problem, I am 65 years of age and still earning the art of social media. I fully comprehend the last part of the video creating the Facebook ad. But how do you create the lead magnet talked about at the 3:09 mark of the video. I am completely lost here. Is there an RPR video showing how to create this lead magnet or do I create this elsewhere? Should I then display it on my Facebook business page and Can I also place it on my personal website?

    2. Lisa Meinero
      Lisa Meinero says:

      Excellent! I do Facebook marketing classes regularly to stay on top of new changes, tips, and management. Reggie, you did the best session I’ve seen so far. Thank you.


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