Use RPR To Create CMAs That Amaze

The key to closing the door on misinterpreted market value is to lead clients through the intricacies of market realities with easy to understand facts and graphics using the data and reporting tools found at Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®).

Watch this insightful workshop to learn how RPR, the most powerful data platform available to members of the National Association of REALTORS®, can help you create realistic expectations for your buyers and sellers.

00:00 What is RPR
01:25 Course Topics
02:00 What is AVM/RVM
03:30 Types of AVM’s
06:45 Limitations of AVM’s
07:45 The RVM
08:25 RVM Confidence Score
09:30 Refine RVM
10:35 Pulling up Subject Property by Address
11:20 RVM Value on Summary
12:15 RVM Details
15:45 Adding Notes
16:08 Adding Photos
17:15 Set Photo as Primary
17:45 Seller Proceeds
18:00 Home Facts/Adding Facts
19:09 Historical Records
20:05 Heat Maps
21:35 Financing and Sales Info
23:24 Market Stats
25:00 4 Ways to Refine RVM
25:55 Refine by Property Facts
27:15 Refine by Improvements
29:15 Refine by Needed improvements
29:55 Refine by Market Conditions
32:00 Create Comparative Analysis
32:35 Difference in Comparative and Sales
33:20 Comparative Analysis
40:45 Seller’s Report
45:05 Sales Comparison Analysis
52:35 Valuation Workbook
56:00 RPR Mobile
56:35 Go For It Slide

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5 replies
  1. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Great information, I have been compiling CMA’s for a long time…and have been shortchanging my Clients by not have a total grasp of the complete CMAS process. This presentation “opened my eyes!” Great job!!

  2. Ben Graham
    Ben Graham says:

    This is great but I want to use my own comps, how do I do that? Meaning say I want to bring in 4 addresses from my MLS as comps but I like your format better than MLS printouts.


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