3 Bite Size Courses to Get You Going in RPR Commercial

With the start of a new year come goals, resolutions, and a general sense of being able to finally accomplish those high aspirations, such as improving your services to commercial clients. While we can’t help you get to the gym more often, we can certainly guide you through using RPR in ways that will save you time, and give your clients a reason to keep coming to you for their commercial real estate needs.

Below are three courses that will get you started down the right path.

1 3 Key Benefits to Wow Commercial Clients

This course is a great introduction to RPR Commercial or even just a quick refresher. The focus is on how to gather and add information about properties and save time searching for communities that compliment your client’s business needs. As an added bonus, you will even learn a few great tips for how to use RPR Commercial on mobile devices.

2 Creating the Perfect Presentation Package

One of the challenges for Commercial practitioners is to eloquently walk a client through why one property and area combination is a better fit than another. In Creating the Perfect Presentation Package you will see how RPR Commercial can alleviate that hardship using real life scenarios as examples.

With the help of RPR Reports you will learn how to walk your client through the processes of site identification, property selection and even reinforce their confidence in the community to be able to support their business plans. Coming to the table with a presentation package like this is guaranteed to impress!

3 Valuing Long Term Real Estate Investments for You and Your Clients

If you are working with an investor focused on cash flow, you’ll want to join this talk about how to determine value for long term investments. RPR makes the process much easier through an integration with Valuate®, a financial analysis and marketing tool for the purchase and sale of commercial and residential investment properties. This course will show you how to get an analysis started, adjust cash flows, add expenses and determine various return ratios such as IRR and Cap Rates.

Investment analysis has never been so seamless!

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