Changing the way you communicate with clients

Because you’re on the RPR blog, it’s likely you already know how powerful the RPR reports can be when communicating with clients, especially the detailed Market Activity Report.  But what about sending those reports by email, with a video message to past clients highlighting the status of their local market…that’s sure to impress and could mean repeat business in the future. That’s exactly what BombBomb has built into their application.

BombBomb is a video email service allowing you to easily create and send video emails. They have built-in the ability for RPR reports to be emailed into their system and then attached to video email campaigns—perfect for sending monthly market activity updates!  Emails can be setup to deliver on the same day each month and then simply track your results; see who is opening your emails, watching the videos and even clicking the links.  Adding the personal touch of a video to each report you generate, gives it the personal touch your clients will appreciate.  You can learn more about using RPR reports in BombBomb by watching this video.

If you are already a BombBomb customer, you already have access to the RPR integration.  In just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to send detailed RPR market updates to your clients.  If you do not have a BombBomb account and are curious about how this integration will benefit you, take advantage of BombBomb’s free 2-week trial.

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