Broker IPTV talks with Rohn Goldstein on RPR

Visit the original post here: RPR: An Agents Best Resource

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  1. Joseph Berry
    Joseph Berry says:

    This video was a great way of explaining what a great resource for fellow Realtors this site is and being able to assist clients in understanding other markets. I plan on meeting many new clients looking for Colorado real estate on my website,, and can help better compare the offerings in their out of state market compared to ours, better the any broker could in years past with this new information outlet. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Stew Meagher
    Stew Meagher says:

    Excellent intro and overview of this wonderful new and evolving REALTOR resource, and the critical integration of the four premier Realtor e-resources (,, HouseLogic, and RPR) into a suite of effective e-tools for engaging the exciting challenges and opportunities of today’s real estate marketplace.


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