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With the arrival of spring, we often see an increase in activity in the real estate market.  Traditionally, spring and summer are the ‘busy’ times for real estate.  RPR can help you take advantage of the market upswing by increasing your business.   Did you know that RPR is a great resource for prospecting?   Let’s take a look at 3 ways RPR can help you expand your business with prospecting.

Look to the Past

Previous clients are a great resource to gaining new clients.  In fact, many clients become ‘repeat’ clients.  Or better yet, they refer their friends and family to their trusted REALTOR®.  Now is the time to remind your previous clients of your local market expertise.  Take a look at your transactions for the past 3 – 10 years.  Run an RPR Market Activity Report for the last few months for each zip code you have clients in.  Making sure to customize the report with a personalized note to each client highlighting the climate of the market being perfect for selling their home, prepare the Market Activity report and email it to your clients.  This will not only reinforce your position as their trusted REALTOR®, but will hopefully encourage those that were contemplating selling their home to call you right away.

Uncover Unlisted Potential

RPR has the largest database of distressed properties, by county, in the U.S.  By searching for distressed properties in your area, you can discover many properties that may need to be sold quickly.  RPR has a few different ways you can uncover these properties.  First, you can search for “All Properties” in your area and select to search only the ‘distressed’ properties.  This will produce results of properties that are in a distressed state.  You can then look for the owner’s information and send them a flyer or a postcard about how you can help them quickly sell their home.

To take this further, you can simply put ‘bank’ in the “Search for an Owner” section of the “Advanced Search” function.  You’ll then have properties that are solely owned by banks, allowing you to reach out to those banks with an RPR Market Activity Report showing the banks why now is a great time to sell those properties and with your local expertise, you’re the perfect REALTOR® to make that happen.

Farm New Areas

With RPR’s vast search capabilities, you can search neighborhoods, zip codes, school attendance zones and more.  Go beyond your normal service area by creating a Market Activity Report for an area you have yet to promote yourself to.  Once you have the report created, you can distribute it to the homeowners in that area.  This will provide these homeowners with knowledge of the market, while endorsing your brand.  The calls and emails will likely follow.

Looking to expand on these? RPR has a new webinar called “3 Ways to Build Listing Inventory with RPR”.  In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to take these three strategies and transform them into listings.  You can register for one of these webinars on our blog.  Now is the time to start preparing your strategies for building listing inventory.  Start with just one strategy, if you’d like.  Regardless of the one you choose, you’ll be putting your ‘For Sale’ sign up in no time.

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