Cut the Clutter: Unlock Your Potential With RPR Mobile™

Staying ahead of the (technology) curve is one of the keys to being a power agent. And, with mobile tech being widely accepted these days, finding the right app that will actually simplify your life and help build your business is proving to be increasingly challenging.

Enter Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®). With the recent launch of RPR Mobile™, agents are able to cut through the clutter of mobile technology with an app that was designed specifically for them—all at no cost to NAR members.

Different than most real estate mobile applications, RPR Mobile™ was built by the REALTOR®, for the REALTOR®. RPR is their back-office tool that allows the agent to have the tools necessary to educate consumers directly—on the spot when property questions arise.

Along with being able to pull property data on the fly, REALTORS® are able to work RPR into practically every part of your business while on the go.

Sean Moore, a REALTOR® in Columbia, MO, explained that he uses many different lead generation services to help identify prospects. “We all know you have to respond to leads quickly. With RPR Mobile™, I can easily generate and send the RVM® (Realtor Valuation Model®) via a branded, thorough, analytical report,” explains Moore. “The worst email you can send is one stating, ‘I’ll get back to you.’ Moore said that he would pull over to the side of the road, fire off a report in a minute, and check it off the to-do list.

RPR Mobile gives the power to be able to stay on top of these opportunities, back to the agent. After all, opportunities are like windows, they can open and close before you even know one is open, and be gone in with a blink of an eye.

Kevin Tomlinson, a REALTOR® in Miami Beach, FL, appreciates the efficiency of RPR Mobile™. No longer does he have to wait and go back to the office to answer clients’ questions or even look up a property.  With RPR Mobile, Tomlinson has access to all the data and reporting he needs right from his phone, wherever he is.

Nicole Nicolay, REALTOR® from Pleasanton, CA says that she uses RPR Mobile to immediately start communicating with prospective buyers. “RPR Mobile is one of my go-to resources when I’m meeting people at open houses. It gives me a way to easily collect someone’s info when talking to them and then email them or text them a report from the app. RPR gives me a tool and resource to help educate my clients. I can showcase my knowledge of the area, and back it up with a great tool and resource; I don’t have to sell myself.” ­

What’s your story?
Have you started using RPR Mobile in your real estate business? If so, share how you’re using the app.

Sourced from:, Patterson, M (2015). “More Success, Less Stress: RPR Mobile™ Keeps Business Close at Hand”, RISMedia, January 10, 2015.

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