Easy Tips for the Perfect Headshot

Who am I?

It’s the age-old philosophical question that you probably didn’t get into the real estate industry to try and answer… but alas, your prospective clients will want to know.

Real estate agents were some of the first professionals to use a headshot to brand themselves, and it’s little wonder why. A client chooses to work with a REALTOR® to make the biggest and most important purchase of their life, and in doing so, is understandably looking to work with someone they both trust and feel comfortable with. Clients, as much as they’ll want to know your professional credentials, they will also want to know you.

As a REALTOR®, a good headshot is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal to open that door. Near ubiquitous across all of your marketing materials and prominently displayed on your website, your business cards, LinkedIn and Facebook, headshots have become more important than ever in dictating not just that a client remembers you, but how.

To help you achieve the best possible headshot, here are a few good ideas on how to approach them.


Keep your headshot updated.

Not on a daily basis… but your headshot should look like the you of today and not the you of 10 years ago. Flattering, certainly, but natural and current.

If your client can’t recognize you in person, you’re probably not off to the best start.


This is the picture you use to brand yourself as a professional in your industry, so use a professional photographer if you’re able.

Ask for recommendations from people whose photos you like, or if that’s not an option, do an internet search and peruse the galleries of prospective photographers.

Find someone whose prior work you like and provide detailed information of what you’re looking for.


Keep the location relatively simple.

What should stand out about your picture is you.

The background should be blurry, while you should be in focus.


Again, keep it simple and professional. Wear something that flatters, but stay away from heavy patterns and particularly ambitious designs. Usually solid colors work the best.

If your picture is being taken with a dark background, don’t wear a dark suit.


That goes for your smile, your positioning, your hair and your makeup. Just be yourself. There’s a time and a place for artsy and provocative… but this probably isn’t it.

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Ultimately, your headshot needs to sell yourself as someone trustworthy, smart and accessible. Following these tips will help you achieve that.


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  1. Ramiro Santos
    Ramiro Santos says:

    I agree professional headshots are always better than the ones done by yourself, one of the reasons is that you can never look at yourself the way someone sees you from different angles and perspective. Everything else is so very true, good post!


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