[Video] Using RPR Mobile™ to Impress Online Prospects

In this video we share a story from Vancouver, Washington where we found seasoned REALTOR® Dale Chumbley. See how Dale uses RPR Mobile™ to quickly get back to online leads with RPR reports packed with property and market data. From the mini-property report to accessing public records data, Dale has all the information he needs right in his pocket with RPR Mobile™.

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  1. Cory T. Neu
    Cory T. Neu says:

    RPR Mobile is great! It does not have all the information we need though. We still need owner or tenant’s contact information on all the listings that are not Vacant or set up through the listing broker. I still have to use other (more mobile “klunky”) sources for this information. Still a glaring omission that would complete this app for every day agent use.


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