Introducing RPR version 1.20

A few months ago we launched a completely redesigned comparable search tool we like to call “Comps Analysis”. In version 1.20, which went live last night, we added the ability to search specifically for distressed properties using the search tool in Comps Analysis. Helping with the comp selection process is the display of additional property details, improved date range searching, as well as the summary of the parameters used for the comps search.

RPR Report on iPad

Now Customize Report Titles

You can also now customize report covers with a unique name that can be assigned to a property or search. This custom name is then displayed in place of the property address or the geographic area on the report cover, adding that extra uniqueness to help you stand out.

To learn more, view the complete run down of RPR version 1.20 over at our RPR Knowledge Base. And if you want to give these new features a try, visit Realtors Property Resource® at

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