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Often here on the blog we’re asked by REALTORS(r), brokers and others whether or not their MLS has signed up for Realtors Property Resource. We enjoy the question because we can feel the excitement and anticipation passed along from members. But we don’t want you to wait for these exciting announcements; rather we want to make accessing this info easier. It’s always been our goal to be as transparent as possible.

As a result, we’ve published a Google map (http://rprblog.wpengine.com/rpr-partners) that showcases the markets in which we’ve officially partnered with an MLS. Any of the pins can be selected to reveal the MLS name.

If you don’t see your MLS, don’t fret. We have hundreds of conversations ongoing right now. We will be updating this map on a regular intervals going forward. If you have specific questions around progress in a particular market, let us know at info@narrpr.com.

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  1. Irene Vogel
    Irene Vogel says:

    I glad many MLS’s are signing on. But those of us who have not signed on at this time have very legitimate reasons…which certainly can change in the future. However, I want to know where you release an article to Inman News quoting our name as one who has not signed up. I would think your spin should be positive … not an attack mode. It was not appreciated and certainly not the path you should take to win and influence people.

  2. Mona Steen
    Mona Steen says:

    Hello, Irene. You are so right–this isn’t consistent with RPR’s communications style! We didn’t send any release to Inman, nor were we asked to comment on this story, so I think they must have written it based on our blog posts and CoreLogic’s press releases, with no other input. We do have a great positive story at RPR, and we’re delighted to be bringing this awesome member benefit to local markets….whenever they’re ready.

  3. Linle White
    Linle White says:

    Does this mean that we could literally search for property anywhere in the United States? What a wonderful way to connect the world and boy is it about time. I do hope that Washington State signs up…my daughter just moved there and I want to look for a house to buy!!!

  4. Allison Adler
    Allison Adler says:

    My friends it looks like the Miami MLS, Key West and Bonita Springs are the only ones here so far. This is amazing data and can only make us stand out as the pros that we are. Incredible info!


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