New Benefit for Public Policy & Association Staffers

Good news for Federal Political Coordinators (FPCs), Government Affairs Directors (GADs) and Association staff who rely on RPR Economic Area Reports to support REALTOR® advocacy initiatives at the state, local and market area level. Now, NAR’s quarterly Congressional District Reports on housing trends can be easily inserted into RPR’s Economic Area Reports. The enhancement allows users the option to provide meaningful data in one persuasive, all-inclusive report, and from within RPR.

RPR’s Federal Economic Area Report offers insights into the demographics, consumer behavior and economic activity of their congressional district or state. The Local Economic Area Report––which can be generated for a ZIP, city or census block group, a custom area or a state legislative district––provides local and county officials insights into the demographics and trends in their area and supports county and regional economic analysis for planning and growth. The reports focus on consumer metrics, economics trends and demographic change.

For example, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, has a population of 41,226 (an increase of 1.71 percent since 2001), the median household income is $43,561, the median age is 33.5, consumers are identified as “city commons” who shop at warehouse clubs and take public transportation, 15.4 percent hold a bachelor’s degree, and there is an abundance of health and personal care stores.

NAR’s Congressional District Report contains real estate and mortgage data to provide information about the status of home ownership, trends in the real estate market, and the economic conditions that underlie the demand for housing. This tool will enable you to provide a clearer picture of the size, scope, and composition of the real estate market potentially affected by legislative and regulatory changes being considered by the federal government.

For example, in Texas’ 31st District, represented by Rep. John Carter (R), there are 284,734 housing units, the homeownership rate is 63.5 percent, 11.9 percent of the housing stock is vacant, the median home value is $161,900, and the median monthly housing cost for homes with mortgages is $1,462. There’s rental data as well.

Economic Area Reports are available to RPR users registered and authorized by an Association or MLS who are granted access on behalf of the association, including branding provided during the Dashboard registration process. REALTOR® volunteer leadership can also be authorized, such as presidents, president-elects, or chairpersons.

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