New in RPR v1.8: Saved properties and more

Last night we released Realtors Property Resource version 1.8. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights included in this release.

  • Save a property. Now you can save any property by clicking on the blue “Save” button in the upper right of the Property Details page. The property can be saved using its street address or a customized name chosen by the user. The user’s saved properties are accessible via the “My Searches” pull-down menu in the Search bar (grouped in the Properties section) and the “My Saved Searches” box on the homepage.
  • Improvements to Refined Value calculation. RPR has improved the calculation by which changes to a property’s home facts, such as the square footage and the number of bedrooms, generate a Refined Value. In addition, new text on the Property Details page clarifies how Refined Value is calculated, to help users interpret the values they generate. Refined Value calculations are based on public records data on a home, not MLS data, which can understate or overstate changes made to the home facts if there are large discrepancies between public records and MLS data.

Refine Value

  • Enhanced highlighting of an agent’s own listings. Improved checkboxes and highlighting make it clearer which listings belong to the user in homepage search results and the Map View of the Search Results page.
  • Performance enhancements. With each release, RPR works to accelerate the search process on the website and to eliminate bottlenecks by making improvements to the background technology that powers RPR. Version 1.8 includes such enhancements.

To view the complete release notes for RPR version 1.8, visit our support site. Also leave us a comment below, we would love to hear what you think of the new features.

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