RPR Comps Analysis: New, Improved and Ready to Wow!

Flexibility. Comprehensive Information. REALTOR® Overrides. These are the Top 3 features REALTORS® requested within the new Comps Analysis function in RPR®. With a recently redesigned Comparative Analysis function based on REALTOR® feedback, RPR® delivers all this and more.

RPR Comps

Flexibility: Each property starts with either an RVM® (Realtors Valuation Model®) or an AVM. You can use this value ‘as-is’ or make adjustments. RPR will always display the properties used to derive the RVM/AVM, but customization is now the key. Enter exact search criteria for Comps, not just a timeframe. Draw a search area on the map, search within a school district or specific attendance zone, even search via a saved search. All of these are available when searching for comparable properties.

Look for key characteristics that match the subject property to ensure the properties used are close not only in proximity, but in characteristics as well. Never before has RPR had this type of flexibility in choosing comparable properties.

Comprehensive Information: Confirm the home facts. Take a look at what public records has for the property and make your adjustments. Easily compare properties side-by-side, including photos, property details, such as bedrooms, baths, etc. Seeing this information side-by-side gives REALTORS® a better understanding of the properties. Even ‘rate’ the properties against the subject property to create an even more accurate assessment. You’ll instantly see what making changes can do to the value of the subject property.

REALTOR® Overrides: Even after adding comparable properties and making adjustments, the number may still not be where you think it is. Now, RPR allows you to ‘override’ this number and either put in a price range, or a specific number of your choice. You’re the local market expert, now you can showcase that by completely controlling the recommended price/price range.

The new, improved comps analysis function all comes together in a report, where the REALTOR® easily prints or emails all this information in an impressive format to satisfy even the most critical client.

With all of these improvements, REALTORS® are relying more and more on RPR to be their ‘go to’ resource for a comparative analysis.

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  1. John Curci
    John Curci says:

    The is a very useful tool for today’s market. We have a lot of investors that are taking advantage of these distressed available homes.
    Nice to see our dues at work, thanks

    • Reggie Nicolay
      Reggie Nicolay says:

      Hi Jacqueline – I would suggest you attend one of our regular RPR training webinars. Here is the schedule for February: http://blog.narrpr.com/events/2013-02/. You might enjoy the class on “Using RPR with Seller’s” scheduled on Feb 15th. Otherwise checkout the “Intro to RPR” classes we have regularly scheduled.

  2. Ray Parnell
    Ray Parnell says:

    CMA’s are very critical in this market, if you don’t hit on the right listing price you, Seller, and the Buyer can get disappointed at settlement after the appraisal is done and its low, then we’re done. So welcome to this new program.


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