REALTOR® RPR Wow Moments

In recent articles, we’ve looked at all the ingredients that go into making up an RPR “wow” moment. It could be you “wowing” your clients with near instant information and property reports. It could be you being “wowed” by discovering a new feature or capability within RPR itself. It’s a combination of small steps and big wins that all add up to making a huge impression on your clients and your business.

Our new tagline “Wow your clients. Close more deals.”, has also inspired our new “Wow Moments” marketing campaign, which includes the new RPR video commercial. If you haven’t seen it, watch it now!

The story is based on actual REALTOR®-RPR experiences and client relationships. We know that many of you also have your own stories to share, so naturally, we’ve asked and set up a place for REALTORS® to share their RPR “Wow” moments.

Here’s a collection of some of the standout submissions we’ve received (some have been paraphrased for brevity/clarity):

Marianne Guenther Bornhoft’s RPR “Wow” moment: “I was in Disneyland with my family, waiting in line for a ride. I pulled out my phone to check on a transaction in RPR, and the person in line behind me noticed and asked if I was in real estate. We chatted, I got their information and now they’re a prospect.”

Viviana Cherman’s RPR “Wow” moment: “RPR is FREEEEEE! It’s created by NAR and is included in my membership dues.”

Ryan Servatius’ RPR “Wow” moment: “What I really find impressive about RPR materials is the details and visuals. They look like a professional team put them together.”

Ines Hegedus-Garcia’s RPR “Wow” moment: “Learning step-by-step how to post an RPR Market ActivIty Report to Facebook and creating Facebook ads with RPR materials.”

David Fanale RPR “Wow” moment: “My daughter was moving out of state and was looking at a property. This was an area outside of my MLS, yet I was able to really dig in and research this property for her. I did a CMA and some other reports, and from that information, was able to advise her to look at a different home. Together we found it, and she’s very happy now.”

And finally, there’s Marisha Corinne Morris, who has two RPR “Wow” moments:
-“I have a connection with someone who works directly with two large international retailers. And even though this big, well-known company has its own real estate team, the information I provided him via RPR on demographics, projections, types of money spent and where, it simply blew him away. He hadn’t seen it before and he was amazed! He appreciated my approach so much, that he referred me to his former clients and tenants within the shopping centers that these retailers will share with the mega retailer. I used RPR to provide information on various cities where I knew property was available and would benefit their growth.”

-“I conducted business with a national credit union who wanted to purchase a stand alone building, in The City of Pomona, in addition to the leased location in a retail strip they were currently using. I used RPR to create reports that had projections on future demographics, and the amount in their Certificate of Deposit rates. The person I was working with on the deal left me a voicemail because of his excitement about the report. When I spoke with him, he kept saying ‘Wow, wow, but how did you do it? Where did you find the information?’ RPR provides me data that I can present as is or repackage, to really impress my clients. I love to “wow” them!”

As you can tell, REALTOR® RPR “Wow” moments are always happening out in the wild and in the field. RPR puts data, tools and reports at your fingertips so you can position yourself at the center of every transaction. Using it every day will help you “wow” your clients and close more deals! If you haven’t started using RPR, get started here.

And don’t forget to “wow” us with your story!

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