Introducing RPR’s Market Data Tool for Brokers, Owners & Managers

RPR’s latest enhancement to the Broker Tool Set delivers on-the-spot access to market snapshots and company performance metrics, coupled with sophisticated reporting and presentation features.

Introducing the new and improved Market Data Tool—an invaluable asset for brokers, owners, and company managers who rely on market intelligence to drive organizational objectives. Now, brokers can access over 100 charts with metrics such as active listings, pending and closed sales, inventory, absorption, distressed listings and sales.

Utilizing the Market Data Tool, brokers can easily:

  • Generate comparative analyses of company performance against defined markets
  • Conduct office-by-office comparisons
  • Save time by by creating templates for popular report configurations
  • Schedule reports for automatic delivery

See the Market Data Tool in action:

Next Steps

Get started with the RPR Market Data Tool by signing up for the Broker Tool Set. Or if your company is already using the Broker Tool, complete this form to add the Data Tool. RPR’s implementation team will process your request beyond that.

Learn more

Brokers, owners and managers are invited to register for one or more, Get to Know Your Market Data Tool weekly webinars, held Tuesdays, 3:00 PM Eastern / 12:00 PM Pacific.

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