RPR v1.14 Introduces New Neighborhood Report


In v1.14 we’ve implemented many improvements to our popular Reports, available now. You asked, and we created:

  1. A brand-new Neighborhood Report: This report summarizes the neighborhood data that you find on the Neighborhood Details page.
  2. A custom area Market Activity Report: No longer are you restricted to existing geographies when you need to generate a Market Activity Report. Now you can create a report for any of your custom areas that you draw and save.
  3. Refine Value detailed in Property Report: A new breakout section details the changes an agent made on the Property Details page to arrive at a Refined Value for a property.
  4. Your license number displayed on report covers: Enter your state license number in your Profile page, and when you generate a report for a street address or geography in that state, your license number will appear along with the rest of your contact information.
  5. Editable seller proceeds: The last page in the Seller’s Report can be edited in Adobe Reader to display your estimation of the seller’s proceeds.

You’ll also notice that school district boundaries are back for searching. Thanks for your patience as we reworked them. In addition, our plat maps, linked from the Property Details page, are clearer and better looking. When we don’t have a plat map, you won’t encounter a dead-end link, either.

Our commercial beta users have begun testing the new service, which was also expanded in the new release, and we’ll tell you more about it soon.

Read more details about everything in the v1.14 release or log-in to RPR and see for yourself.

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  1. Kirk
    Kirk says:

    I love the document that you provide called a “Neighborhood Report”. The problem is that it’s not a neighborhood report at all. It’s a town report or a zip code report.

    Can you please make it so that we can go in and create a polygon around a specific neighborhood or subdivision, save it and then create a “Neighborhood Report” for the area we mapped out?
    This can be done with the “Activity Report” right now but not the “Neighborhood Report”. Can you please fix this ASAP?


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