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September 2017 – RPR’s new Comps Analysis Express for Mobile continues to grow. This month the feature, previously offered on smartphones only, expands to tablet. Also, if you’ve ever wondered whether a client has viewed your emailed RPR report, good news is here. Also, don’t miss enhancements to various report options and mapping tools. It’s a quick read and well worth it.

Overall Website Enhancements

Track client views of emailed reports

Wondering if your client has opened the RPR report you recently emailed? An enhancement to RPR’s report functionality tracks when the last person on your distribution list viewed the report. To view the Report Detail dialog, click on the orange plus sign on previously generated reports and start tracking your client’s report activity.

Option to suppress energy data component

A new option allows users to include or exclude the home energy data on Property and Seller’s reports.

Improved mapping tools

A new mapping tool bar slightly modifies how you navigate this RPR feature. We’ve also restored the radius search tooltip that displays the radius size as the user draws on a map.

Report email notifications made more visually appealing

The addition of the report cover page image on report email notifications provides recipients a glimpse of the report that has been shared and will serve as an incentive to view the details.

Additional Ranges on number of homes sold charts

The Homes Sold charts have been enhanced to include additional ranges that break down the price point market movement so users can fully understand their market’s story.

RPR Mobile New Tools

Comp Analysis Express Enhancements & Tablet Offering

RPR’s Comp Analysis Express on smartphones now delivers more control when searching for comps. Enhancements include an interactive map to choose comps, advanced search functions such as property status and type, improved sorting capability on search results, and a Sold Price displays next to Sold Date so users don’t have to scroll down to Prior Sales Transactions on off-market listings.

Also, Comp Analysis Express is now available on RPR Mobile for iOS and Android tablets.

For Commercial Practitioners

New Trade Area Report options

Users can now draw a custom map to define market areas for Commercial Trade Area Reports. The new functionality allows users to base a report on a collection of geographies (census tracts, ZIP codes, cities, etc.) and works the same as with the Economic Area Reports, in which a custom-drawn area “rubber bands” the selected geographies to aggregate data.

As a special feature for Commercial Practitioners, a search radius of up to five miles or a drive-time search of up to 15 minutes can be used to create the Trade Area Report. And the Trade Area Report cover page includes the custom area name and geography shape.

Added Mortgage Records & Distressed Info

Property mortgage and distressed information is now displayed in Commercial Property Reports in addition to Property Details. When available, the new data includes mortgage contract date, loan type, borrower name, amount, interest and more.

For Brokers

Run Company Reports from the Broker Admin Tab

Broker staff with access to RPR’s Data Tools can execute their own Company Reports, formerly known as service module reports. The new functionality helps broker staff identify issues with MLS offices that are organized into RPR offices or with the service modules configuration.

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