See What’s New: November 2017

This month’s update from RPR covers a host of important assets you’ll want to know about. Maps, CMAs, property values, tenant data, the RVM and home facts, all coming to you with advanced features and capabilities.

On The Website

Commercial tenant data

Tenant data allows users to communicate a building’s rental potential or occupancy to support a property’s value. Now, the data can be found on Commercial Property Reports as well as printed as a stand-alone report. Also, changes made to the Tenant Data section will be shown in red.

Add saved CMAs to your next RPR Seller’s Report

In an earlier release, users were given the ability to select a saved comp analyses or sales comp analysis as the price source for selected comps. The option offered greater control over an already powerful CMA. This release focuses on the Seller’s Report and displays the source price of the the comp selected by the user.

Map search enhancements

Now, edit search criteria from previously created maps on both the residential and commercial sides of RPR. Simply look for the new Use a Custom Area list in map tools.

Residential estimated values updated and improved

Residential Estimated Values for March 2016 through January 2017 have been updated on RPR. A recent change in the logic improved the accuracy of the median estimated home values and the figures associated to changes over the last 12 months for neighborhoods. Residential Estimated Values charts are available throughout the website including search results, property details (summary and charts tabs) and neighborhood details.

The RPR App/Tablet

RVM/AVM change details

RVM/AVM change details are shown on residential properties so users can understand the shift in value over time. Change details include one-month amount and 12-month percent. Don’t forget to track property values by subscribing to RPR to push notifications on saved properties.

Home Facts display refinement

A property’s home facts now displays public records on off-market properties, listing details on on-market properties, and your changes on properties where the home facts have been updated.

Property Notes: Voice-to-Text option

Voice-to-Text is now available when using the Property Notes function on RPR. Use the new feature to capture critical information when touring properties for buyers or during the pre-listing phase. As a reminder, choose to include/exclude mobile notes and photos when generating a report.

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