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March 2016

Website Enhancements

Additional School Information

We’ve added an additional set of school data from Maponics. The existing data reflects what has been entered into the MLS by the agent. The new data, from Maponics, will show data based on property location and known school boundaries. It’s important to note that in some situations the listing information might be blank or there could be conflicting information. Agents should advise clients to check with local school boards to verify district information.

Users will be asked to select which school to include in a School Report.

Notes Section

When note taking in RPR, look to the new checkbox that sets the default to Include Notes in My Report. Uncheck the box do do otherwise.

Seller Proceeds

Find the new and improved Seller’s Proceeds worksheet on the summary tab of the Property Details section. Choose whether to include the worksheet in Seller’s Reports but note that data entered is not auto calculated.

RPR Commercial

New Investment Analysis Tool

RPR’s new investment analysis tool, Valuate®, which replaces the previous tool, allows users to run sophisticated financial analyses on both residential and commercial properties. Valuate’s engaging and user friendly web based platform offers a high level of interactivity between agent and client. Run on-the-spot scenarios, instantly present and share results, create customized reports, and more.

See more, do more in RPR Commercial: now with Google street view (already available in RPR Residential.)

Esri Update

This month’s update also includes refreshed demographic and tapestry data for all ESRI elements in RPR’s thematic maps, Trade Area and Economic Area Reports.Residential.)

Google Street View

See more, do more in RPR Commercial: now with Google street view (already available in RPR Residential.)

The RPR App

  1. Find Keyword Search as an option within the Advanced Search feature. Remember that keywords work in the Property Description field only.
  2. Customize the name of your saved searches and properties.
  3. Use your fingerprint to login onto Android device (already available on iOS).
  4. Print Reports now supported in iOS (previously only available in Android). Generate a report, click View Report and then select where you would like to send it.
  5. Use bold, italics, underline and strikethrough on your RPR Property Flyer descriptions.
  6. Copy and paste text on your iOS device (already available on Android).
2 replies
  1. Michelle Vivero
    Michelle Vivero says:

    On the seller proceeds form, to save us time the form should auto calculate. Imagine how much time that would save the agent/broker. Why doesn’t it auto calculate? Thank you.

  2. Alice Buckley
    Alice Buckley says:

    My favorite Sellers Net Sheet is a side by side report – I can enter upto 3 different Sale Prices – Each Net Price is calculated and
    the Seller can see each Estimated Net to Seller (side by side).
    Very easy to read and understand!

    The Sellers Net Sheet would not be of much value if it didn’t calculate the Estimated Net to Seller.


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