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The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® provides numerous improvements, including a suite of new options for searching and viewing residential properties available for lease. In addition, the RPR Mobile™ app now includes virtual tour links. Continue reading to learn more.

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Searchable and Viewable Residential Leases

RPR users can search and view residential lease properties in markets where MLSs make lease data available to members. Nationwide, RPR displays 18,400 residential properties for lease, as well as off-market lease properties, with more lease data coming online as MLSs leverage this new feature.

We’ve added the ability for you to search For Lease properties with a new menu on the home screen as shown below.

Along with the addition of properties available for lease, users can search for leased properties, study market activities, and include lease information in reports on properties. Below are some examples of how you can search for lease properties.

Properties for lease and for sale are marked with dual flags displayed in RPR. The graphic below provides an illustration of how a property will look in RPR when it is both for sale and for lease.

Maponics Neighborhood Boundary Update Complete

RPR’s neighborhood and geographical boundary data, provided by Maponics, has been refreshed with a quarterly update. The new data helps improve the quality of searches and the information attributed to neighborhoods and geographies.
In this update, major metro areas such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Phoenix, Miami, Houston, San Diego and Portland, as well as many smaller cities, received some boundary updates. Also, school district boundaries have grown to cover more than 94 percent of U.S. student enrollment.

Days in RPR Added to Sort Options

Our latest update provides more options for sorting search results, including Days Active in RPR. This sort option is offered in the mobile app as well.

The graphic below demonstrates the variety of sort options available within RPR. Note that your previous selection determines the sort order you’ll see the next time you search.

Home Facts Changes Update in Real Time

Now, changes to the Home Facts section of RPR will update automatically as changes are made. Prior to this enhancement, changes to this section were not reflected unless you navigated away from the page and then returned to it in the next step.

Neighborhood Metrics Display Enhanced

Now, negative numbers show in red while positive figures for the neighborhood are displayed in black. The subtle modification should allow you to point out pros and cons with customers and clients when asked about a particular neighborhood or marketplace.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Deep linking is offered for school districts.
  • Owner information originates from the current deed. The last market sale details are provided in the new “deed information” section of RPR.
  • Keyword searching includes additional unique characters (/, &, -). For example, typing in “state-of-the-art, five-star, bar/wine,” or “I-5,” will reveal properties with these particular characters when searching.

RPR Mobile™

  • Virtual Tour links have been added to RPR’s Property Details screens, allowing you to easily share with clients from your mobile device.
  • Next, when searching for a commercial property in residential mode (or vice versa), RPR’s app will send a “You are leaving your preferred mobile mode” prompt before taking you to the subject property.
  • License information is now included when sharing contact information through the app.
  • Auto-suggest, a longtime RPR desktop feature, now works on the app as well.
  • It is no longer necessary to click Save after editing the app’s user settings. All changes will be saved upon exiting the screen.

What we’re working on …

  • DocuSign integration
  • Traffic Count data set
  • User-added pages in reports

For support, contact our 24/7 Customer Support Team at 877.977.7576. We also welcome your feedback by clicking the yellow Live Chat button at the bottom of any RPR website page or calling Customer Support.

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