Simple Real Estate Photography Tips: Shooting Outside

A picture is worth a thousand words…provided, of course, that you’ve taken a good picture.

First impressions in the Real Estate world can be incredibly impactful, and for many potential homebuyers these first impressions often come in the form of a picture. A good one can showcase a property in a way that words and numbers simply can’t, giving life and depth to a listing. A poor one, on the other hand, is a missed opportunity.

While not all REALTORS have a professional photographer available to them, we’ve listed a few helpful tips to make sure that you take your best photo possible.

Your Gear

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that you are using a simple point-and-shoot camera. This would be the camera available on most phones, or even better, a DSLR on automatic mode.

Although the better your camera, the better the quality of your picture will be, even the simplest cameras can achieve fantastic shots with the right skills applied.


In order to attain the best lighting for exterior photography, timing is everything.

Make sure the sun is facing behind you. A backlit house will be covered in shadows.

Keep an eye out for glare. Be it in windows or other reflective surfaces, you don’t want to show up in the photo you are taking. Have you heard about the #REALTORselfies trend sweeping the nation? Neither have we.

Try turning the lights on in the house, especially at dusk. Often, this can create a warm and inviting look.


Keep your camera straight and level.

Use a tripod if possible, but also remember that you can straighten out your photo in most simple photo editing applications later.

Try to shoot the house from its best angle, which won’t always be from straight ahead. Look for a vantage point that adds greenery and life, not just a long driveway.

The Scene

Sometimes, the simplest step is the easiest to overlook.

The most appealing houses to a prospective buyer are those that don’t appear to be currently lived in.

Clear cars out of the driveway, make sure the lawn is freshly mowed, and pick up anything around the outside of the house that doesn’t add to the photo.

Remember that the easier you make it to imagine moving in, the easier it is to get someone to do so.


Once you have the perfect shot, the next step is to add it as your RPR report’s cover photo!

Click here and we’ll take you through that, step-by-step.

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