See What’s New at RPR, August 2016

v1.53 – RPR website and RPR Mobile™ for iOS/Android tablet and phone
Released August 30, 2016

The latest release of Realtors Property Resource® provides several new improvements for residential and commercial users, most notably the new Commercial mode within RPR Mobile™.

RPR Mobile™

New Commercial mode offers search, property access, and reports

RPR Commercial is now be available in the RPR Mobile app. When first signing in, select Commercial or Residential. You can then toggle between Residential or Commercial in the User Settings section.

In Commercial mode, there will be three home screens to choose from (like in Residential). Swipe to view a search screen, a nearby properties screen, or a market snapshot screen.

Search for properties by specific address, ZIP code or MLS ID. Advanced searches allow for searching by owner name, keywords, parcel numbers and more.

The third home screen provides demographic data for the ZIP where you are located.

Search features work the same way within the commercial mode. However, unlike the residential mode, commercial searches will provide active (for sale or lease), sold or leased, off market as well as distressed properties within a search area.

RPR’s Commercial Property Report, Trade Area Report and Best Businesses Report are all available in mobile.

We think you’ll find the new commercial mode choice a big asset to RPR Mobile™, and a time-saving tool when you are in the field working with commercial buyers and sellers.

Learn more by watching this quick how-to video on RPR Mobile for Commercial.

RPR Residential

Google Street View image added to reports

A Google Street View photo will be added to RPR reports as the preferred property image when the subject property hasn’t been listed for two or more years. Previously the report featured the an aerial photo, such as below.

For properties listed within the last two years, RPR will display the most recent photo(s). Google Street View is not available universally, so an aerial photo will continue to display if street view image is unavailable. Remember, you can always add a customized photo to your RPR properties and reports. Also, historical listing photos can be seen in Compare Historical Records feature on the Property Details page.

Refine the value of a property based on needed improvements

This new feature will subtract costs of needed improvements from the refined value of a home. It will be useful when helping homeowners to consider the monetary effect necessary repairs will have on the property’s value.

In this instance, the homeowner might consider adding a new roof to the property. The cost of the roof is $10,000, which lowers the refined estimate by $10,000.

Distressed property information boosted by RealtyTrac data set

RPR has updated its distressed properties database. You now have access to more than 21,000,000 records. Also, RPR now includes current and historical distressed property data from RealtyTrac, which covers 99 percent of the United States. Learn more about RealtyTrac.

What we’re working on

Here’s a sneak peek at a few items we’re currently working on:

  • DocuSign integration
  • Traffic Count data set
  • User-added pages in reports

We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the Live Chat link on any page) or call the Customer Support.

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