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As the school year comes to an end, the seasonal upswing in the market is just beginning.  Many buyers and sellers, especially those with children, time their next move with the completion of one school year and the beginning of another.  And as buyers are looking for certain qualities in a home like number of bedrooms and bathrooms, a pool, one story vs. a two story, one thing is for certain: if there are children involved, they have their mind set on a particular school district or a specific elementary, middle or high school.  Because REALTORS® pride themselves on being the ‘local market expert’, RPR has partnered with both Maponics and Great Schools to give REALTORS® school zoning and informational data clients need to make an educated decision.

With school district and attendance zones from Maponics, RPR provides REALTORS® with the functionality to search for properties based on school district boundaries, or attendance zones of elementary and middle schools.  For example, if a buyer insists that the home being purchased is located within the “Union School District”, RPR allows a REALTOR® to use the map search to select that district and look for properties solely within those district limits.  The same is true for a specific elementary school.  And if the buyers want to be able to walk their children to school, you can enter the address of the school and perform a ‘distance search’ to find properties within walking distance.  Plus, to make it even easier, REALTORS® can save that search and easily recall it to search the same boundary for other clients.

If clients are unsure about which school district, or school itself, would be a good fit for them, or if you have relocating clients, RPR provides school data from Great Schools.  Through Great Schools, RPR has information on test scores, number of students enrolled, student to teacher ratio, and even reviews written about districts and schools.  With this information at their fingertips, REALTORS® can easily educate their clients on the school assigned to a specific property, or in a given area, allowing their clients to make a well-informed decision.

The best part?  These map layers as well as the school information and reviews can be included as part of an RPR Property Report.  No longer do REALTORS® need to print multiple reports: one for the property a client is interested in, another from a website showing neighborhood demographics, and yet another with school information.  All this information can be included in a customized and branded Property Report directly from RPR.  Translating this school data, and all your other market knowledge into an RPR report will ensure the best possible buying or selling experience for your customers and equals referrals and repeat customers!

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