Release Notes: February 2015

  • RPR (website), iOS and Android (mobile) v1.37
  • Released February 23, 2015

Let’s take a closer look at some of the changes you’ll see in our latest version, released on February 23, for the RPR website and the RPR mobile app.

RPR Residential

Full Property Details from Comp Analysis

To enable REALTORS® to easily access property details for comparable properties, we added a link to each property returned in comps search. This link takes you directly to the full property details of a comp in a new browser tab, accelerating fact gathering and completion of the Comp Analysis workflow.

February Release 2015


Updated Subject Lines when Emailing Reports

When emailing a property-based report from RPR, the subject line of the email includes the property address, making it easier for you, and your clients, to know exactly which property the report has been sent for. Neighborhood and Market Activity Reports also include location detail in the subject line.

Profile Page Updates

Do you have multiple types of real estate licenses? If so, you can add them to your RPR profile. Options include: Real Estate, Appraiser, NMLS and Other. All licenses on your Profile page can be selected to print on report covers.


RPR Mobile

For Android Users

Android users can append photos to properties from their phone’s albums, in addition to taking new photos to upload to property notes.

For iOS users

Users with Apple devices can add or remove MLS’s from their user profile.

Association Dashboard

Enhanced Economic Area Reports

State legislative boundaries been updated, reflecting any boundary changes made through 2014, for Local Economic Area Reports.

In addition, users can pick from the map one or more geographies to use in a Local Economic Area Report. Options include MCDs/Townships, ZIP Codes, and Census Tracts or Census Block Groups. Users can also still draw an outline of an area on the map to use. Search areas can be saved and used again in the future.

EAR_geog.jpg     EAR_geog2.jpg     EAR_geog3.jpg

Broker Tools

Service Module Display

Broker Service Modules display information about mortgage products and other services for participating brokers on agents’ profile pages and in reports. We improved the visibility of Broker Service Modules on website pages. All service modules now rotate every 15 seconds, instead of displaying in one long vertical column.  With this is the option to scroll through the modules using “previous/next” links.

Broker_module.jpg              Broker_module_new.jpg

What we’re working on

Here’s a sneak peak at what we’re up to now:

  • Property Flyer: A one-page flyer highlighting a property’s key information and photos, ready for your showing box or open house.
  • Walkability Scores: Ratings of how walkable a neighborhood is, based on proximity to amenities and attractions, added to Property Details pages and reports.
  • School Report: General information, test scores and reviews for elementary, middle and high schools.
  • For Lease Search: Functionality for searching residential rental properties in markets where lease information is available through the MLS.
  • RPR Mobile for tablets: Mobile functionality customized for the tablet format (iOS and Android).

If you want more help finding or using anything in RPR, please visit, where we have webinars you can register for, and on-demand learning you can take advantage of.

And in case you want a list of these enhancements to review later, a PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

For more detail and support, contact our 24/7 Help Desk at 877-977-7576. We also welcome your feedback directly from the RPR website (click the “Live chat” link on any page) or by calling the Help Desk.