Release Notes version 1.32

Release Notes
RPR v1.32
Released July 29, 2014

At RPR, we have been hard at work on version 1.32 of the Realtors Property Resource website, which contains a number of refinements, including improved labeling on Property Details pages and a new area displaying unit details for multi-unit properties. Deep linking has been added for commercial, and commercial properties now display flood data information.

RPR Residential

Enhanced labeling on Property Details
To help REALTORS® better understand the data source for each section of the Property Details summary page, we added new descriptions, found in each section on the page. For example, in the Basic Facts section a new icon highlights that the data derives from Listing and Public Records sources. Listing data displays if the property is on market. Public records data displays for Beds, Baths and Living Area (instead of listing data), if the listing data is more than three years ago. Each subsequent section on the Property Details page also now lists the source of the data.

Unit details for multi-unit properties
To better explain the specifics of each unit within a multi-unit property, a new section appears below the home facts on a property. When expanded, this new section lists the beds and baths for each individual unit.

Release 1.32

RPR Commercial

Flood data on commercial properties
Similar to residential properties, commercial properties now display flood data in the Location Details section of the Property Details page, allowing REALTORS® to provide more information to their commercial clients.

Release 1.32.1
Standardized Property Facts
Responding to requests from REALTORS® to make the Property Facts section more relevant, RPR Commercial shows a standardized set of characteristics. Gone are characteristics like pools and fireplaces, which don’t pertain to the majority of commercial properties. The condensed list is easier to review. Coming soon: the ability to add rows with other facts, which may not be available from public or listing records, to this section.

Release 1.32.2

MLS and Association Dashboard charts

Always working to improve the usefulness of charts and data available through our website and dashboards, we have improved or clarified the X-axis on some charts to enhance readability.

RPR Mobile

Exciting news! RPR is kicking off beta testing for the Android operating system, while also continuing beta testing of the mobile app for iOS. More information will be available after the testing is complete.

This and That

Other enhancements in this release include:

  • Changes to the My Listings search: The default settings for the My Listings search are now reset for each search. Filters applied during a My Listings search will be removed upon the next My Listings search.
  • Distressed flag: Discrepancy resolved between the display of a distressed property’s status between Search Results and Property Detail pages.
  • Additional land details: RPR now displays land listing details where available in the historical Compare feature as well as the Commercial Property Report. These details are suppressed when there is no data available.

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In case you want a list of these enhancements to review later, a PDF version of these Release Notes is attached at the end of this article.

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