Allen Wright

Vice President, Operations

Graduating with a B.S. in Accounting Mr. Wright’s first employment was writing technical manuals and conducting training for an asset/liability-software company. Helping Banks, Credit Unions and S&L make better business decisions through close analysis of their assets and liabilities. Never having left the arena of training technical programs Wright Computer Group, LLC (WCG) was formed in 1996. WCG has always focused on training and consulting in the real estate industry. Mr. Wright’s focus has remained on helping agents move their business to the next level through a core understanding of their industry and effectively applying automation. In 2002 Mr. Wright launched the nationally recognized business planning tool CreateAPlan. CreateAPlan allowed commissioned professionals to design a business plan focusing on the costs and activities associated with meeting a specific income goal. This tool was accepted by CRS and awarded the Quality Tested Certificate. CreateAPlan is used by thousands of real estate professionals, in 2005 was acquired by RealtyU, Inc.