School search and report

Test scores, parent reviews, enrollment data and more help REALTORS® quickly drill down to schools best suited to client needs and expectations.

Searching your subject property on RPR

The power to analyze and manage a platform of unparalleled real estate property data is at your fingertips, including listing vs. public record comparisons.
Research Properties With RPR Maps

Research properties with the RPR map

From aerial, road, and overhead views, to schools, parcels and more, it's easy to create your map in ways that suit every type of interest or need.

Sizing up the RPR property details page

Here’s where it all begins. Check out how to dissect the data you’ll find on this all-important page.

Build and brand your business with RPR reports

Here's what you'll get from RPR reports as well as a quick how-to and customizations that will make it your own.

Make it happen with RPR Mobile

Agents on the go use RPR Mobile to get the job done. Here are the app's top features with some quick tips on getting around.

Grow as you go: Eight things new users want to know about RPR Residential

Realtors Property Resource® (RPR®) is designed exclusively for that purpose: to help REALTORS® achieve professional success by providing them with an unparalleled platform of dynamic data and persuasive reports that help attract, retain and lead clients to the closing table...


Harness the Power of RPR Mobile™

REALTORS® have more power in RPR Mobile™ than ever before. With RPR’s new Buyer Tour feature, it’s now easier to preview properties and set up your buyer tours. In this two part webinar series, we’ll take you for a walk around RPR Mobile to make sure you are getting the most of out of it.