3 Creative Ways to Deliver Your Next RPR Report

Meeting your clients when and how they prefer, with extra special touches, could tip the scales in your favor. Here are three simple, creative ways to deliver your next RPR report that will definitely distinguish your services as unique, customer-focused and on the ball.

How-To: Best Apps for Presenting RPR Reports on the iPad

A few months ago we launched; the site is aimed at documenting real stories of RPR users. Today I wanted to give a little “how-to” behind one particular story that agents keep talking about. It comes from Gordon Corsie, a REALTOR®, east of San Francisco.  Gordon needed to prep for a listing presentation quickly. He turned to RPR and prepared a report on the home, then used his iPad as the presentation tool.  His sellers loved it and he found it to be an effective and efficient way of organizing his presentation.

Set Up an RPR Report Request Form on Your Website

The week before last, I was at Agent Reboot in New York. I ended…