How to Create RPR Reports

This booklet provides the steps to easily create, customize and share RPR reports. After reading this ebook, you will be able to instantly respond to client needs with professional real estate reports, customize the elements of your reports to suit client interests, and brand each RPR report with your name, photo, logo and contact information.

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Neighborhoods & Schools

Knowing the details and selling points of a given neighborhood are key to being a well-informed agent. The Neighborhood section of RPR lets you drill down to stats and characteristics about the properties themselves, owner demographics, owner economic indicators, plus quality of life factors such as commute times, water quality, walkability and more. One of the top priorities for parents searching for a new home is “quality of schools.” RPR’s focus on schools let’s you conduct up-to-date research on school ratings and test scores, locate up to 20 nearby home listings to a particular school, and almost instantly create high quality property reports for your clients. RPR enables you to search for schools within 5 miles of a location; by city/state, school, or district name; and even by type of school (elementary, middle, high school, and private schools).

The RPR Map

After watching this video, you’ll become proficient in working with one of RPR’s most powerful tools. RPR maps let you visually search by zip code, neighborhoods, city or specific addresses. The RPR map feature also allows users to search for properties and uncover market trends, as well as set walk and drive distance parameters. You can use aerial, road, and overhead views, to searching by schools, points of interest (POIs) and heat maps.

RPR Mobile App

Your phone or tablet will never be more useful! This video shows how Realtors can use the RPR Mobile® app to leverage rich real estate data and literally tap into expertise and efficiency while in the field and on-the-go. Watch how to download the RPR app, either Android or iOS, plus how to log on and get started. Functionality wise, users lose virtually nothing from the desktop version of RPR, with the ability to create reports, create on-the-go CMAs, and add notes and photos. In fact, RPR Mobile offers app-exclusive features, such as Buyer Tour Reports and one-touch access to call the listing agent.

Pricing a Property with RPR

From a client’s point of view, one of the most important things that an agent brings to the table is the ability to properly and accurately price a home for sale. This video shows you how easy RPR is to use and how effective it is at estimating and setting home values. The Realtor Valuation Model or RVM® gives you the option to adjust the value by inputting home condition and home improvement factors. You’ll also find out how to choose comps and create a CMA, all with just a few simple clicks.

Introduction to RPR Reports

Reports are one of the most popular capabilities RPR has to offer. This video takes a quick look at the different report types available: the Property Report, the Seller's Report, the Property Flyer, a Mini Property Report, the Valuation Workbook, the Market Activity Report, Neighborhood Reports, and School Reports. There’s also a look at the mobile-only Buyer Tour Report. After watching, you’ll know how to create, customize and share each type of report.

Introduction To Realtors Property Resource

As a new member, this is where you’ll want to start. New users will get an overview of everything RPR has to offer, including where to go to log in, how to create an account, how to search for properties, and how to create data-rich RPR reports. This intro video covers both Residential and Commercial members who are interested in getting started with RPR.

On your first visit to RPR

After getting through the overview and introduction, it’s time to dig in and experience firsthand all that RPR has to offer. This vid offers suggestions and guidance on how to get the most out of a first official visit to RPR. Users will see tips and tutorials on how to navigate the RPR homepage, with a focus on the six main search types available. You’ll also get a detailed look on how to run various Property Reports, how to personalize and brand each one, and how to manage and share them as well.