8 RPR App Tips and Tricks

You know that little thrill you get when you come across a tip or trick to help make your app experience just a tad more efficient? Like pressing the app button for a shortcut to a favorite feature, or swiping to the left to quickly save for later. Every app has tricks of the trade yet, for some reason, they don’t always appear magically on our radar. This post will give you 8 tips to make sure your next RPR app experience is a productive one.

1Build a CMA on the fly

When the need arises for a quick CMA, turn to your RPR app. From any Property Details screen choose Create Comps Analysis to launch an express, four step wizard that will walk you through confirming the home’s facts, selecting comps, and identifying price. The completion of step #4 will generate the Seller’s Report.

2Save properties for quick access later

Your activity is always in sync between the RPR website and mobile app. Which means when you save a property using the website, you can see that same property in your saved items by way of the app. This makes it a snap to recall key properties quickly. Try it for yourself.

3Swipe property in list view for shortcuts

Next time you’re in the RPR app and see a list of properties, try swiping one of the properties to reveal shortcuts for saving the property, calling the listing agent, adding notes, and creating reports.

4Zoom to parcel level when canvassing a neighborhood

The RPR app can display every home in the neighborhood on a map. Press Locate Me at the top of the app, then pinch and zoom the map to street level and press Redo Search in this Area. Now gray pins should appear. Each pin displays the Realtor Valuation Model® (RVM®). Press a pin to reveal home and owner information.

“RPR makes me the pro! It’s truly a REALTORS® invaluable tool.”

Scot Wheeler, REALTOR®Fathom Realty Ohio

“As a REALTOR®, I always want to have all the access to the information I need. And I always want to be prepared. With RPR mobile™, I have that information and the confidence to know I’m always going to have an answer.”

Nicole Nicolay, REALTOR®Livermore, California

“By working RPR Mobile into the equation, I’m able to reply instantly to the lead from the side of the road, in a parking lot, or at the office—capitalizing on the opportunity to elevate awareness of my brand, earn clients and close.”

Dale Chumbley, REALTOR®Vancouver, Washington

5Send report by text message

Many consumers prefer communication by text message when appropriate. For agents, the benefit is clear, text messages are simple and have very high open rates. Next time you create an RPR report, use the app’s Share button to text a digital copy of the RPR report to your client. The link will be active for 30 days.

63D Touch shortcuts

Next time you are standing outside a property you’re about to search, press and hold pressure on the RPR app icon to display a shortcut with buttons to This Property, My Listings, Recent Reports, Saved Searches and Share. Then choose This Property.This is an example of RPR’s new 3D Touch functionality available on qualified OS versions (iOS10 and above [Phone 6s and newer] and Android 7.1 and above).

7Advanced search

Need to dig a little deeper on a particular property? Swipe the RPR app’s home screen and the Search screen will appear. Press Advanced Search to access recent searches, saved searches, and advanced search types such as by APN, owner name, schools, or even your own listings.

8Full screen photos

If photos displayed on the app’s Property Details page aren’t large enough for your comfort level, try holding your phone in landscape mode. That will make the photo go fullscreen. Then simply rotate back and the property record appears again.

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