A Look Back at 2018: RPR Product Release Highlights

As 2018 draws to an end, we’re taking a look back at the many positive additions and enhancements that Realtors Property Resource® underwent throughout the year.

We’re constantly striving and working to improve the platform’s use and functionality. From ongoing data and tech upgrades to member feedback and suggestions, RPR’s goal is to make our best-in-class tool an easy-to-use asset in your everyday workflow.

Here’s a look at some of the more popular and well-received updates in 2018…

In determining the estimated value of a home, you can use the property’s RVM® or AVM, or your own Comp Analysis. However, the values you want to share with your client may depend on the status of the property. In February, a new hierarchy logic was added to valuation reports, based on the property’s status. This feature enables you to customize the Seller’s Report to your client’s needs or local requirements.

Also added in February was a new Commercial feature which allows users to quickly name a custom area and make a Trade Area Report, all at the same time. Once the name has been created, it automatically transfers to other parts of the report, adding a keen level of customization to your reports.

In April, Commercial received another helpful update, with improved keyword and tenant search capabilities. This release helps users search for tenants in an area by simply typing in the tenant name, then RPR gives return matches for both owner name and business name. Quite helpful considering that they are often two different names.

In May, RPR Mobile added a feature that enables the user to select properties, set up a tour itinerary, and then create colorful, client-friendly reports to share with buyers.

June saw RPR expanding info options when creating report covers. Add a custom web address, a different email, etc. Enhancements were also made to the labeling area for Charts and Neighborhood stats.

In August, RPR tapped a new data provider, Niche, for school information and statistics. In addition to a new look and feel, school reports now include letter grade ratings for schools, deeper search parameters, district comparisons, test scores, reviews, and the ability to view public, private and charter schools.

All of those School report enhancements from above? They were also imported into RPR Mobile. Enabling you to be in the field with a client, and instantly pull up sought after info such as local school ratings, district zones and other important data.

We kicked off September with cleaned up map interface options. RPR users can now navigate more quickly with a new map display on the RPR app. A button on the map screen expands to display a host of icons representing our most popular search features, such as distance, travel time, traffic, schools and more.

Your feedback inspired October’s update. Several users expressed their desire to simply print what’s on their screen. We listened and now they can do exactly that.

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