Client Engagement Leads to Early Buy-in

Glen Moss, a Broker from Austin, Texas with more a decade of success in the real estate industry, takes client engagement seriously. He believes securing an early buy-in from would-be homeowners gives them ownership for the process. And he uses the RPR app to do so.

“As soon as my clients are in the car, I give one passenger my Wifi enabled tablet and ask the other to use my smartphone,” said Glen, who holds several leadership positions with the Austin Board of Realtors®. “One touch opens the wide world of RPR.”

Glen first directs his buyers to the app’s map feature which is guided by the phone’s GPS. He explains the color-coded icons (“for sale” or “recently sold,” among others) and shows the client how to move the map around to reveal on-and-off market properties in surrounding areas.

Frequently, a client will find a listing not included on their tour. Right there in the car, Glen will show his buyer how to pull up the property’s characteristics, photos, taxes, history, and hundreds of other datasets. “They are simply amazed by what they see,” he said.

“From there, I can take the journey in any direction, securing buy-in at every step,” he said. “I can use the app to email or text my buyers an RPR Property Report or use it again for one-click action to call the listing agent to schedule a showing. I can show them other homes in the area that have recently sold or let them dive into RPR’s neighborhood and school data.

Funny, my back seat passenger is reading property reports while the front passenger is searching around. So each is involved in their own way throughout the whole process.”

Glen shares that during buyer tours, clients will often comment on the curb appeal of a home for sale … “Gee, I wonder what that home is going for or what it looks like inside.”

“Again, I direct my buyer to her phone. From the RPR map, she can see everything there is to know about the subject property, including RPR’s RVM® (Realtor’s Valuation Model®) which uses our real-time MLS data to generate the property’s estimated value. This in itself, is priceless, compared with estimates we see on consumer-facing websites.”

On-demand video learning for the RPR app

About Glen
Glen Moss is the Broker of Glen Moss Realty LLC and Glen Moss Realty Property Management in Austin, Texas. As a self-described “old-school Baby Boomer,” Glen’s passions include Equal Housing, understanding construction at a hands-on level, working with Millennials, and everything in-between.

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