Educate And Empower Yourself With RPR’s New Commercial Learning Series

Introducing RPR’s new Commercial video learning series, a self-paced introductory course designed to give agents quick, self-paced tutorials on the RPR Commercial system–a tool that will amplify their market expertise and help them be a more efficient REALTOR®.

The series includes 7 courses, each lasting 10 minutes or less, with a printer-friendly handout to accompany each lesson. It’s a helpful resource and opportunity for members to learn about new tools and techniques to help deliver a unique, competitive advantage. Here’s an overview of each video:

  • Introduction to RPR

    Start with an overview of all the capabilities and uses RPR offers, including a detailed “how-to” on signing up and creating an account.

  • On Your First Visit

    Dig in and experience firsthand all that RPR has to offer. See tips and tutorials on how to navigate the RPR Commercial homepage, search for Commercial properties and create branded reports.

  • Understanding the Community

    Uncover economic, demographic and consumer profiles that can help clients understand what properties are the best place to set up shop and which are the best investments.

  • Site Selection

    Explore RPR Commercial’s in-depth Market Analysis, where you can find the ideal area to search for a property based on a community’s behaviors, economic or demographic data.

  • Commercial Map

    Use the RPR map to help understand and target a Trade Area through POIs, Traffic Counts and Heat Map layers, as well as search for properties and create custom areas for trade area reports using any of the drawing tools.

  • RPR Mobile

    Watch an overview of how to utilize the RPR app to create reports, on-the-go CMAs, and search properties nearby.

  • Investment Analysis

    Discover both the potential gains and risks of various types of real estate investments including land development opportunities, residential flips and Long-Term Holds using Valuate® through RPR.

RPR’s Commercial platform offers detailed trade area reports, business opportunities charts, property reports and more. Take a deep dive into the demographic and psychographic data, consumer spending behavior, drive time searches, points of interest and powerful thematic maps that RPR Commercial offers.

The new video learning series makes it easy for Broker/Owners to help their agents learn about RPR Commercial. Get started here.

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