How to Share an RPR Report on Facebook

Reports that you create in RPR are meant to be shared! They’re perfect for agents who want to create topical messaging and results-orientated relationships through social media. RPR reports are an ideal option for agents who want to create enduring and results-oriented relationships through social media. But what reports are best for sharing?

Two of the most popular reports to share are:

  • The Neighborhood Report
    The report summarizes economic, housing, demographic and quality of life information about an area.
  • The Market Activity Report
    The report presents a snapshot of changes in a local real estate market based on listing and MLS information, and includes active, pending, sold, expired, distressed, new for lease, and recently leased properties, as well as recent price changes and upcoming open houses for a period of up to six months.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to share an RPR Report to Facebook:

  1. Begin by selecting the report type you’ll be sharing

  1. Next, choose More Details to customize the report as needed.

  1. Now select Run Report to generate the report.

  1. Now under My Reports, click on the orange plus sign.

  1. Choose the “Share on Facebook” button.

  1. For agents in “non-disclosure” states, be aware of rules prohibiting sharing certain property information.

  1. Now choose where to share the report: your profile, a page or group.

  1. Choose who can see your shared Report. Then select Post to Facebook.

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