How to prep your open house with reports that convert

REALTORS® everywhere are reaping the benefits brought on by RPR reports. In fact, last year agents created more than 2.8 million of them, proving the value of one of the real estate database’s most popular features.

A sizeable portion of those customizable reports serve as open house icebreakers and lead generators, takeaways that consumers can later use to recall the property’s features, what other homes in the neighborhood are worth, and who lives in the area. Then, after the open house, as a follow-up by the listing agent to see if the consumer would like more information or to tour other homes in the area.

Here are the three most popular reports used by REALTORS® at open houses, but first a few unique things you can do with each of RPR’s eight residential reports:

  • Include your name, photo, brokerage and contact information on the report’s cover.
  • Check/uncheck only the data sets you want to include in the report or that your client needs.
  • Insert custom pages such as testimonials, your biography, and other marketing collateral.
  • Upload your own photo for the report’s cover page.
  • Add your professional remarks to the report.
  • Retrieve your saved reports from the website or app for up to 30 days.
  • Text or email the report from RPR’s website or the app in seconds.

How to turn your next open house into a conversion machine

RPR reports for every open house

RPR Mini Property Report

This easy-to-digest property report can be created in less time than it takes to read this section. The Mini Property Report highlights everything a potential client wants to know about the property without overwhelming them with data. Display one at your next open house. When a visitor picks it up, let them know it’s your last report but that you’d be happy to email or text one to them. Note that RPR reports are saved for 30 days. While at the open house, use the RPR app to instantly retrieve the report and text or email it in seconds.

  • Login to
  • Type in the property address and enter
  • The RPR property details page appears
  • Select the blue Create a Report button
  • Click More Details to select which datasets to include
  • Personalize the report with the recipient’s name and a message
  • Choose a delivery method (Display now or email)
  • Select Run Report

RPR Neighborhood Report

The RPR Neighborhood Report is perfectly suited for out of towners or those who want to know more about the people who live in an area, in addition to key indicators such as job growth, unemployment, cost of living, commute times and climate. The report also includes median list and sales prices, listing and sales volumes, and per square foot pricing on sold homes.

  • Select Reports from the homepage or from within the results of your search.
  • Select Neighborhood Report.
  • Click More Details to select which datasets to include.
  • Personalize your report with a message.
  • Personalize the report with the recipient’s name and a message.
  • Choose a delivery method (Display now or email)
  • Select Run Report

Pro Tip: Your RPR Neighborhood Report is already included in the Mini Property Report so it’s up to you whether to display two separate reports (each with your branding) or one complete. Remember, every RPR report is customizable. Simply check/uncheck only the data sets you want to include in the report.

    RPR Market Activity Report

    A fan favorite, the Market Activity Report is an ideal takeaway for all types of buyers and sellers, from the “We are not yet preapproved” to “We are thinking of selling and want to see what’s in the neighborhood.” Run the Market Activity Report before your open house and remember, it’s saved in both the app and website for easy retrieval later.

    Consumers in the early stages of the buying process can use the report to see what other open houses are in the area. Text the report to them using the RPR app and use their contact information to follow-up later.

    Would-be sellers will be intrigued by the reports level of detail including active, pending, sold, expired, and distressed properties, as well as recent price changes.

    What is most unique about this report is its flexibility. It can be generated on any geography, even areas drawn using the RPR map.

      Learn how to create your customized Market Activity Report

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