RPR New User Series

Build and brand your business with RPR reports

Agents who use RPR reports …

  • Instantly respond to client needs with real estate reports that matter
  • Create reports with as much or as little information as the client needs
  • Brand each RPR report with their name, photo, logo and contact information
  • Customize reports to include biographies, testimonials, and marketing tools

Colorful, client-friendly real estate reports for every facet of your business

  • RPR Property Report

    A summary of property characteristics, such as values, foreclosure activity, market statistics, demographics, history, taxes and school information, as well as before-and-after photos.

  • RPR Seller’s Report

    A review of the subject property that shows local market conditions, comparable properties, recommends pricing strategies and estimated seller proceeds.

  • RPR Property Flyer

    A quick glance at a property, including a photo, property information, a map, and your contact information and branding.

  • RPR Mini Property Report

    A slimmed down version of the Property Report that includes the property’s estimated value; home facts like bedrooms, baths and square footage; and photos.

  • RPR Market Activity Report

    A profile of market changes based on listing information and MLS data, including active, pending, sold, expired and distressed properties.

  • School Report

    This report summarizes student populations, testing outcomes, parental reviews, ratings, and contact information about a public or private school and will even display homes for sale in that school district.

Run your RPR report

  1. Login to narrpr.com
  2. Type in the property address and enter
  3. The RPR property details page appears
  4. Select the blue Create a Report button
  5. Click More Details to select which datasets to include
  6. Personalize the report with the recipient’s name and a message
  7. Choose a delivery method (Display now or email)
  8. Select Run Report

Report customizations you’ll want to know about

Add custom pages

Showcase your biography, testimonials, and marketing capabilities through a simple PDF upload.

Add notes and photos using a smartphone

Starting with the RPR app, snap photos of a property or dictate notes and then include all in your RPR reports.

Pro Tip: Notes created within the RPR app sync with the RPR desktop, allowing you to have access to your records from your cell phone, desktop or laptop computers.

Customize the report cover photo

Use one of your photos as the cover page of your next RPR Property or Seller’s report.

Choose what to include in your reports

One of the most frequently used report customizations is the ability to hide page elements from a report.

Pro Tip: If you’re not sure what a particular item represents, hover your mouse over the blue information icon to the right and you will see a quick preview of the section.

Fast and easy ways to share your reports

Choose to deliver your RPR report by email or download the report to share later. You will be notified when the report is ready and can then send it to clients by way of text or email.

Pro Tip: RPR tracks when the last person on your email distribution list viewed the report. Click on the orange plus sign on previously generated reports to track your client’s report activity.

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